The Panty Thief – The Adventures of Pringles


The Panty Thief is the life story of a gorgeous pure ginger mackerel tabby called Pringles.

My name is Debbie, I am ‘mom’ to Pringles. Yes, his name is just like the can of potato crisps, and no, I didn’t name him. Those lucky few who may have met Pringles will know that he’s quite a character, immediately aware if he’s being called by his full name instead of his nickname, Catty, that he’s in serious trouble.

Immerse yourself in the highs and lows, the funny antics and the adventures that come with being a cat owner. Discover what happens during his terrible two’s and teenage years, and how this cat burglar eventually becomes known as ‘The Panty Thief.’

Even though this book mentions adoption, emigration, illness and grief (there are warnings where relevant), it’s a story for the entire family to enjoy, and could be used as a tool to introduce children to these topics of conversation.


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