Tamara Shower Bursts


Botanical Collection Tamara Shower Bursts™, experience a wonderful floral fragrance while you shower. Sold individually.

Available scents in the Botanical Collection: Rose (pink), Lavender (lilac), Raspberry and Vanilla (plum), French Pear (green) and Creamy Coconut & Lime (white).

Please see the box below for How To Use and other Important info.

Also available in boxes of ten (two of each scent), or boxes of 5 (one of each scent).


Botanical Collection Tamara Shower Bursts™, experience a wonderful floral fragrance while you shower. Inhale the fragrance, exhale the stress. Sold individually.

Choose from the following scents:
Rose (pink) – The classic country garden essence of delicate, dew-covered rose petals.
Lavender (lilac) – Beautifully relaxing lavender with a touch of bergamot and neroli.
Raspberry and Vanilla (plum) – An enticing blend of blackberries and raspberries, with a touch of white floral greenery, brought together with the beautiful fragrances of dreamy vanilla.
French Pear (green) – The delicious aroma of sweet French pears.
Creamy Coconut & Lime (white) – This beautifully delicate fragrance magically carries you away to a tropical island.

How to use:
Unwrap your Shower Burst™ and place it on the floor of the shower where the water can easily reach it. The warm water will activate the burst and steam will envelop you with the beautiful scents of the essential oils throughout your shower. Breathe in the relaxation and breathe out the stress. Step out wrapped in an after-glow of wellbeing.

Each Shower Burst will last for approximately 4 minutes in the shower.

Very Important:
Tamara Shower Bursts™ are packed full of essential oils, fragrances and menthol. If you are sensitive to any of the oils or fragrances or suffer from asthma, please use with caution as menthol may be a trigger in asthmatics.

Please don’t use your Shower Burst™ in the bath as a bath bomb. The essential oil percentage in shower bombs is far higher than in bath bombs and will be too concentrated to bath in. Along with this, all of Tamara Shower Bursts™ contain pure menthol, which may cause a cold sensation on your skin if you bathe in it.

Botanical Collection Tamara Shower Bursts are also available in a box of 10 (two of each scent) or a box of 5 (one of each scent).

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Box of 10, Box of 5, Individual Rose, Individual Lavender, Individual Creamy Coconut & Lime, Individual French Pear, Individual Raspberry & Vanilla


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