Assorted Queen Anne’s Lace earrings


Assorted lightweight clear resin earrings with coloured Queen Anne’s Lace set in clear resin.

Please use drop-down menu to select colour, and more info about each pair will appear below.


All our resin jewellery is handmade with clear resin and then tinted with pigments, glitter, and other embellishments before being set.

European charms are handmade with clear resin, S925 silver bead caps, and various embellishments (whiskers, fur, hair, glitter, flowers, seashells, etc.).

If there’s something you have in mind that you’d like made into a charm bead, earrings or pendant, please use the contact form and we’ll let you know if it’s possible for us to make.  Please note that we do not work with DNA items such ashes, teeth, blood, breastmilk or embryos.

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Blue, Light Pink, Dark Pink, White


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