Tricolour Stars (on chain)


Silver, rose gold and gold stars dangle off of three varying lengths of silver chain, on platinum ear wires to create these cute earrings.

Earring drop: 7cm
Earring width: approximately 1cm
Ear wires: Platinum Shepherd’s hooks
Stars: Each little star bead is only 6mm wide.

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Our Tanya and Heather earrings are handmade with love and care, with our Heather earrings being our bestsellers.

The difference between the two?  Tanya earrings consist of one drop of chain, while the Heather earrings have two varying lengths of chain.

Some of these items can be duplicated, or custom made in a different colour, while others are Limited Editions (with only two or three being made), or are one-off, unique pieces (if we have limited stock of selected beads).


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