Sea Urchin / Kina Shell earrings


Unique natural Sea Urchin / Kina Shell earrings.

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Stud earrings, made from whole sea urchin shells (small), are listed separately.


All our Sea Urchin or Kina Shell earrings are made with pieces of real shell.  The shells are hand-picked by me (or my husband), while we’re out beachcombing. Only completely empty shells are collected, and even though they were empty when picked up, the shells have been thoroughly soaked, scrubbed clean with a soft brush, sun dried for a week and finally coated with a clear acrylic coating to help strengthen the shell. The back of the shells is white.

The colour, pattern and edge on each of the earrings may differ slightly due to the natural variations in the shells, but they are very similar in shape and size, as seen in the photos.

All our earrings are handmade with love and care. These earrings are a unique set as no two shells will ever have the exact same colour, shape or pattern.

Please note, the shells are a natural grayish-green colour. The colour may appear brighter or darker on screen, depending on your computer screen or device’s resolution.

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