Love Marriage Prenup – Squoval


Each set of press-on nails is individually hand-painted, using various mixed media art techniques.  Comes with glue, instructions and tools needed to apply.  See description tab below for more info.

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A full set of 24 natural shaped press-on nails (flat top with tapered sides) finished with a peachy nude gel polish (called Love Marriage Prenup), gold studs, gold feature nails, and nude with white filigree nail art feature nails.

A full set consisting of 2 x 12 sizes for a perfect fit.

Set includes:

  • Instructions on how to apply and remove
  • A set of pre-painted press-on nails (as pictured)
  • 2ml nail glue
  • nail file
  • nail buffer
  • cuticle stick

The nails measure approximately 1.7cm (size 9) to 2.2cm (size 0) in length.  For more info about press-on nails, read the article “Press-on nails: All you need to know“.



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