Hair Barrettes – 3 inch


Three inch hair barrette decorated with peyote stitch.
Each tiny miyuki bead has been individually hand-stitched into this pattern.

Barrette length: 3 inches / 8cm
Width: 1cm

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The peyote stitch, also known as the gourd stitch, is an off-loom bead weaving technique.

The peyote stitch can be found dating back to Ancient Egypt. Most notably, the tomb of King Tutankhamun contains many artifacts utilizing the stitch. The Egyptians created broad collars with the stitch with molded tubular beads. These collars are depicted on gods, kings, and others.

Not only has the stitch been found in Ancient Egypt, but Native Americans have also been using it for centuries. Native American beadwork began using glass beads when the Europeans brought over glass beads. The peyote stitch got its modern name from the Kiowa and Comanche Tribes in the 1800s. 

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Striped – Coffee, Striped – Rainbow


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